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Step 1 - Quick Intro Call

Want to know more, or just make sure we are a good fit? We understand.  Schedule a time to speak with us and get the answers you need! Typically, 15 min or less.

STEP 2 – Discovery Session

This is a Q/A session designed to identify your current challenges, what you’ve tried that has or   hasn’t worked, and your overall goals. Typically, 45 min or less.

STEP 3 – Onsite Assessment

We perform a technical evaluation of your IT environment, including the network infrastructure, end user equipment, and applications. Typically, 60 min or less.

STEP 4 – Proposal Review

We will walk through the proposal together, ensuring complete and total transparency as to what is/is not included in the proposal, as well as cost. Typically, 30 min or less.

STEP 5 – Onboarding Kickoff

This is the first meeting held after the initiation and planning is completed and execution is      about to start. Typically, 60 min or less.

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