At Monroe IT, we cater to a wide range of different industries across Southeast Michigan. With our specialized, industry-specific technology solutions you can propel your organizations to new horizons in a cost-effective, streamlined manner. Empowered with decades of expertise, Monroe IT understands the different needs and issues faced by businesses in different industries including compliance regulations and risk management.

With Monroe IT’s specialized industry specific technology solutions, you can improve the overall efficiency and performance of your organizations, allowing you to attain your goals in an effective manner!


User-friendly and collaborative student portals, testing applications with utmost security and efficiency.


Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), CRM System Maintenance and Support, Inventory Optimization, and Customer Intelligence Solutions.


FCRP Compliant Data Storage, Case Management Systems, and more.


Secure, HIPPA Compliant Solutions, EHR and Patient Engagement Tools.

Marketing Agencies

Monroe IT ensures your design & project software is up-to-date & files are secure.


Enhanced process automation & reporting, client data security & confidentiality and document management systems.

Staffing Companies

Integrated Applicant Tracking Systems, Recruiting Software, and Remote Interviewing Tools.

Logistics and Supply Chain

24x7 Operations Contact Centers, highly available VoIP service with real-time call metrics on display, backed by industry leading IT Infrastructure with 4G LTE Failover.


High Performance IT Networks, Inventory Management Systems and Remote Monitoring.

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