Managed IT Services

Managed IT involves your business partnering with an outside IT company to support and manage all your technology needs. A flat-rate IT support partnership can help everyone in your business gain back time and free up resources for high-level projects that drive revenue. A flat-rate service also gives you a predictable monthly IT budget, without hidden costs or fees.

Unlike other managed IT service providers, we go beyond just keeping your technology running, and focus on developing strategies to help achieve business goals. Companies that switch to managed IT report lower stress, more efficient and profitable operations, and faster growth. If you have in-house IT staff, we can complement each other while creating unmatched value.

Benefits include: Control IT costs, reduce labor costs, increased efficiency and competitiveness, quickly implement new technology, stay focused, reduce risk.


Cloud Solutions

Are you tired of those big server purchases, or running into endless hardware limitations? The days of keeping and maintaining multiple physical servers and storage devices at the office are nearly gone.

Working from the cloud means less infrastructure to pay for and install in your office, access to the files you need when and where you need them, and avoiding expensive hardware upgrades every few years. Just about every program can be run virtually within the cloud, giving you and your team the ability to work and collaborate from anywhere.

If you are always struggling to locate documents, access programs, or communicate effectively when away from your desk, this solution is definitely for you. Businesses taking advantage of cloud technology enjoy greater convenience, productivity, power, and savings.

Benefits include: Efficiency/cost reduction, data security, scalability, mobility, disaster recovery, more control, and competitive advantage. 


VoIP & Unified Communications

Communication challenges remain one of the leading contributors to workplace issues, low morale, and lost productivity. Today, we have numerous options to send a message, discuss a problem, or ask a question, from instant messaging to voice to web conferencing. There is no reason for your business to continue struggling, or maintaining as much costly or unused office space.

Leverage the ability to collaborate with teams across multiple locations in real-time, at the push of a button. These solutions will allow you to easily automate processes and scale up when needed while ensuring reliable communication between both staff and customers. Solutions such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom Video Conferencing, are essential to building a productive remote workforce.

Benefits include: Communicate instantly from any device, integrate for improved efficiency, unify remote workers, get rid of the desk phone, advanced analytics.


Backup, Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Today’s small to mid-sized businesses, or SMBs, are creating more data than ever. Their growth calls for robust solutions to back up their business-critical data. Due to limited financial and IT resources, SMBs must know what to look for in a backup solution.

Successful backup is the foundation for disaster recovery and business continuity. Without it, recovery and continuity cannot exist. Technologies that created decades ago to store data are not enough. Antiquated methods, like tape backup, are not going to ensure data retention and recovery during business-critical time windows.

When choosing a backup solution, SMBs should look for six essential pieces of criteria: comprehensiveness, ease of use, recoverability, performance and reliability, affordability, and scalability. Specific features to look for include proof of backup, image-based backup, virtualization, and secure storage.

Benefits include: Cost-efficiency, increased employee productivity, greater customer retention, and better understanding of scalability.


IT Support & Service

Many business owners think of IT support as a service they pick up the phone and call for whenever something breaks or hardware or software needs replacing. This is a traditional reactive model known as “Break-Fix”. We understand that sometimes you need help right away, which is why we will provide as-needed IT support and technology services to businesses both on-site and remotely, on a short-term basis.

Break/fix services may be the right model for specific businesses and particular situations. It’s all too easy for break/fix models to create recurring conditions where we are always dealing with angry business owners in crisis mode, ruining nights and weekends that add high cost to the services rendered. The urgency surrounding a preventable crisis causes a disruption to staffing, which could potentially impact our partners.

By encouraging businesses to adopt a managed IT approach, we aligned with your business. We are motivated to prevent problems in the first place, which is the same goal. Instead of unexpected invoices, you get a flat rate, managed IT services with predictable costs, and cost savings on the services your business depends on (hardware, software, phone, and internet). Break/fix will cost your company more over the long term and managed IT is more affordable than in-house IT.

Benefits include: Better alignment, predictable costs, better stability, infrastructure upgrade, more affordable than in-house IT.

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