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The importance of communication in the workplace continues to create an increasing demand for communication solutions. By not taking a holistic approach, it can lead to unnecessary hurdles – keeping you bound to your desk, missing essential messages, and shackled to a chain of emails.

We offer a variety of effective communication and technology solutions to keep the conversation moving and people working more efficiently together. Communication technology is rapidly changing. If you’re not taking advantage of modern tools, you’re falling behind your competition.

You can now make and receive calls on your business line from your cell phone or computer no matter where you are. Your team can chat, share files, and collaborate on work in real-time. Hold voice or video meetings from anywhere in the world with anyone.

If you’re still being held back by relying on landlines and an ever-inflating email inbox, you’ll be blown away by switching to streamlined communications technology.

UCaaS vs. VoIP: Is there a Difference?

In seeking out communication tools for your company, you’ve probably come across the terms Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and voice over internet protocol (VoIP). While VoIP has been the standard for many years, UCaaS is relatively new. So, what’s the difference?

Many Businesses Use VoIP

In most cases, businesses are using a VoIP service provider to handle their phone systems. A VoIP is simply a digital telephone service, which uses the internet to deliver communications versus telephone lines.

With VoIP, features include voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding, auto-attendants, call holds, call logs, call monitoring, call recording, and conference call lines.

There seems to be useful functionality, so why improve upon it? As the business has changed and opened up many different channels to communicate, VoIP needed to evolve.

The battle of UCaaS vs. VoIP lies in advanced features for the modern workforce.

UCaaS Offers Greater Flexibility and Functionality

So, what exactly is UCaaS? It’s an interconnected system of communication and collaboration tools. All these applications live in the cloud. It’s more than just a voice phone; it also offers video conferencing, chat, and file backup and sharing into one central platform.

By adopting UCaaS, users enjoy a more streamlined experience. You have a single user interface across all devices, providing the flexibility to communicate in multiple formats.

One of the most significant advantages of UCaaS vs. VoIP is video. With a UCaaS platform, you have the opportunity to make video calls. In a world where more employees are becoming remote, this functionality is critical to delivering face-to-face communication. Plus, it can reduce travel expenses because you can hold meetings with customers via video.

Another great feature that only UCaaS can provide is screen sharing. Being able to share your screen boosts collaboration among users.

VoIP Is Part of UCaaS

UCaaS isn’t an alternative to VoIP. Instead, it’s a way of expanding on the foundation of the product. UCaaS is an upgraded version of VoIP that provides more functionality. So, the question becomes, do you need these features, and will they bring value to your organization?

When deciding VoIP vs. UCaaS, you should assess your core needs when it comes to communication tools. As we become more connected, UCaaS delivers the features you need to interact with customers, partners, and staff successfully.

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